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Forum for 59.0 Smoking: Host Clara Wagner welcomes Joe Potter from Reality Check as Guest Adult Co-Host and teens from YVOV to discuss Smoking and tobacco use by teens. JOIN THE DISCUSSION COMMENT ON THE BLOG

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The Cooler Thing

The Cooler Thing by Clara Wagner: I’ve never smoked. I’ve never held a cigarette, or tasted tobacco, or spent major time in a house with smokers. In 5th grade my entire school went through the D.A.R.E. program; that just happened to be the single year I was homeschooled. I know a few kids who do […]

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AAE Smoking 59.0

Ask An Expert for episode 59.0 Smoking: Interviewer Clara Wagner talks with Vincent Irving from the Truth Initiative & the Truth Campaign, and with Joseph Potter from Reality Check [vid correction: realitycheckofny.com] & the American Lung Association about tobacco use, hookah, ecigs and other forms teens are using. They talk about the truth behind the […]

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