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Teen Musicians

Forum 53.0 Teen Musicians: Host Zoë Sullivan talks with teen musicians, percussionist and pianist about music in their lives and futures. Do you play an instrument? Have something to say? Join the discussion on the blog.

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STEM Girls 52.2

Short second half of STEM Girls Episode 52.2 Guest hosts Francine Martella from PTech and student April Dumlao finish the discussion with girls from PTech and Edison Tech about being female in the computer tech field. Join the Discussion on the blog

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First 5

Quick overview of our episodes with clips & outtakes from the first five years! Episode List 1.0 Bullying 2.0 Teen Violence (with Teen Empowerment) 3.0 Popularity “Fitting In” 4.0 Freshman Year 5.0 School 6.0 Teen Pregnancy (with Safe Sex Inc. & Teen Empowerment) 7.0 Gangs (with Teen Empowerment) 8.0 Parents 8.5 Overcoming Loss & Violence […]

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Campus Violence: Youth News 51.0

Youth News Journalists’ Roundtable for 51.0. News Director Tymoni Correa-Buntley discusses gun violence and the threat of gun violence on campuses around the country from NY to PA, CA to OR, as well as the recent local mass shooting, on the inaugural Youth News Roundtable with invited guest journalists Erica Bryant, columnist with the Democrat […]

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