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Forum 62.0: Alcohol: Teens from YVOV talk with guest host Tayshawn and Guest Adult Co-Host Kathy Steblen from Delphi Council about alcohol use and drinking among teens. Join the discussion by commenting on the blog.  [Vid Correction: guest host correct spelling is Tayshawn (our bad)]

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Ask An Expert 62.0: Alcohol

Ask An Expert for Episode 62.0: Alcohol Expert Guest Kathy Steblen from Delphi Drug & Alcohol Council talks about teen use of alcohol, and what you should know and really be thinking about as a teen. Is alcohol a gateway drug? Which is the drug of first use? Is the teen brain better able to […]

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Tatiana L.


TALKBACK4Teens is embarking upon advocating for teens.  Beginning with Clara’s letter to school districts, we will be promoting and advocating for the following issues which affect teens.  We will be adding to this list as the Forum topic list grows. 9am High School Start Times  -studies show that teens need later start times in order […]

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Depression 61.2

Second installment of 61.0 Depression: Host & Segment Producer Clara Wagner talks with Tegan, a twenty-something looking back on her teen depression. Join the discussion by commenting on the blog.

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Poetry for 61.0 Depression

Let’s start the day over. With me Groping for a ghostly membrane from 1700 miles away Dancing with specters in my kitchen Romancing the walls. Wth you somewhere, anywhere, who cares? Because this empty glass could be full if I closed my eyes. I’m as safe as you’re far away as she keeps her distance, […]

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