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The Problem with Work: Struggling to Come up For Air

The Rochester City School District has struggled with an embarrassingly low graduation rate for years. Less than half of students who start high school graduate with the state-mandated Regents diploma on time. Many students over the four years will drop out, choosing to sell drugs or engage in other illicit activities. But this post isn’t […]

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Teen Pregnancy: An Epidemic in its Second Generation

For approximately 15 years, 11 months, and 30 days, I’d dreamed about my 16th birthday. I would wake up to a taller, curvier body. Perhaps my curfew would be extended, and maybe I’d even be allowed to borrow my mom’s car. Of course, none of that happened. Instead, my 16th birthday brought with it a […]

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A Heart-Breaking Story

Today was going pretty darn well. I’d murdered two finals, did my video for Huffington Post’s contest for citizen journalists, and I was on my way home for a week with no homework for the first time in 13 weeks. Life was good. That is, until my mother told me about her day.

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