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Do Blacks Really Commit the Most Crimes?

“What demographic commits the most crime?” asked my professor. White people, I thought. I knew the answer, but I was hesitant to speak. I usually am in my political theory classes, choosing instead to absorb the discussion. I also assumed it was such a simple question that I wouldn’t need to answer it aloud because […]

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22.3 RACE: Do You Know Where Your Ancestors Have Been?

Final segment of 22.0 RACE Teens wrap up the talk about Race in their lives with what they realize has been handed down to them through their family generations. Final chance for Giveaway tickets to the exhibit. Ask An Expert segment pending. What has your family given you regarding race? Optimism, distrust, caution, open-mindedness…?  Host […]

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Forging Blank Faces

What exactly should I see when I look into the mirror? A young Native American man? A Caucasian boy with a naturally killer tan? Maybe an African American youth that doesn’t fit in? Or, a young Islander who found his way to the mainland? Possibly a little bit of a few other things? There was […]

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