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Are You in the Rainbow?++

24.1 Part One of 24.0 GENDER ID Co-Hosts Jordanae Smith and Dean Lawrence talk to identical twins Michelle and Austin. Includes Street Beat for 24.0 teens talk about their identification and gender creds.  Join the discussion: make a comment, start a thread.  DO YOU have an article in you?? on this topic…go to our BLOG […]

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Teen Pregnancy: An Epidemic in its Second Generation

For approximately 15 years, 11 months, and 30 days, I’d dreamed about my 16th birthday. I would wake up to a taller, curvier body. Perhaps my curfew would be extended, and maybe I’d even be allowed to borrow my mom’s car. Of course, none of that happened. Instead, my 16th birthday brought with it a […]

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