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Bullying: The Only Thing Certain is Uncertainty

There was a point in time when the teasing children were subject to was thought to be harmless and character building. At that time, we didn’t think of these children as victims, or their bullies as monsters. Instead, we thought that they were preparing our children for the harsh real world. In March 2011, President […]

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12.0 Bullying (revisited)

Episode 12.0 Bullying (revisited) Younger teens talk about what it is like to be bullied. They talk from their perspective and experience and discuss some of the causes and what has worked and not worked for them. Some surprising discoveries about parents.  Do you agree or disagree? What can you add from your own experience […]

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Episode 1.0 Bullying “How do you get to the empathy?”

Episode 1.0 is about Bullying; teens discuss what it was like to be a bully, why they did it and how they felt after and how they feel now; one teen discusses how she was bullied and physically harmed when she was very young. TALKBACK4Teens is a show where teens can talk about topics that […]

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