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TALKBACK4Teens has suspended all operations due to lack of teen interest and lack of corporate support. If you are a teen who desires to gain experience in broadcast journalism, television production, or on-air personality development, contact RCTV Media Center, or let us know at our email address checked periodically: participate@talkback4teens. If you wish to support our work with teens, contact other organizations such as Teen Empowerment and RCTV Media Center, or email our EP directly as noted on our About page. Thank you for your interest.

March 19, 2018 5pm- Forum 64.0 TBD contact production staff for details.

And we are still recording individual segments for Forum 61.0 Depression/Suicide Ideation/Anxiety/Self Harm (Cutting, Burning, Eating Disorders,Drugs & Alcohol, etc…) with the participation of Delphi Drug & Alcohol Council & Youth Mental Health Trainer Lindsay Snyder.  Email our production staff for info and location, if you are a teen, 13yr to 19yr, or a twenty-something looking back on the teen years, and want to participate on these topics, and have something to say!:  Speak Up! Join Us!

Dec 6, 2016  Our EP O.> wins an award for Youth Mentorship from RCTV at their annual meeting party, presented by none other than the inimitable Tianna Mañón our first teen host, now editor-in-chief of Open Mic Magazine.getpart

November 2016 Article on Tianna Mañón on RCTV website.  RCTV Community Liason Carol White Llewellyn interviews TalkBack’s first year teen host for the website.  Read about what she’s been doing since and now.

Sept 2016 National Prevention of Suicide Week is this month and so is the AFSP Out of Darkness Walk in Roc at the Genessee Valley Park Sept 25th.  Teens are one of the most susceptible groups.  It’s Preventable.   Join the walk!  We are!

March 2016 Article on TALKBACK. RCTV’s communications intern Carly Lonczak writes an article about TALKBACK4Teens for the RCTV Media Center website  Check it out.

Sept 01, 2015 INTERNSHIP CALL The call is out to area high schools and colleges looking for teens and youths interested in getting internship credit to do their thing in broadcast television! On-Air Interns: Zoë is looking for co-hosts and Tymoni is looking for co-anchors. Production Interns: Marianna is looking for fellow crew members, camera people, directors, and editors; while the segments Street Beat, Ask An Expert, and Community Events are looking for film/video majors who want to be associate producers. Contact us!:

August 21, 2015 Third year RIT Journalism student Tymoni Correa-Buntley rejoins our staff as News Director for our Youth News segment. She will be looking for high school and college journalism students and school newspaper staffers to fill her Youth News staff. Come be a part of something growing. Research and roundtable the stories with the staff. Report and discuss the stories chosen by the staff. Then discuss one story with national significance in depth with full staff and invited guest journalists on the new Journalists’ Roundtable. This looks good on your résume, college & scholarship applications, and can be a stepping stone to other opportunities as well. We will even be considering “Foreign Correspondents” who are out of the area, out of the state or in a foreign country. The main staff will be local Rochester. If you are a journalism student and/or school newspaper staffer and want to ply your skills and grow your skills through more experience in broadcast journalism, contact Ty through our production department: Internship credit is available from your high school or college.

Invitation to write about our topics 50.0 Faith and 46.0 Relationships in High School and 38.0 Freshman Year College and 4.0 Freshman Year and 48.0 Teen Writers. Do you have anything to say about relationship drama in your HS? The good and bad of it? Are you a college sophomore or freshman who has something to say about the first year? Are you a High School freshman or sophomore who has something to say about freshman year? Are you a teen writer, or a writer who wants to look back and talk about writing in the teen years? Blog about it with us. Send articles to our Managing Editor Keia Starks via our production staff:

Also coming up:Street Beat for 46.0 Relationships in HS…relationship drama in HS? Are you in it, seen it, living it? What do you think is the good and bad of it? Look for us on the street to voice your opinion. And comment on the blog for that episode. Maybe even write us an article about it.

February 03, 2015. Production Intern Marianna Santos is nominated to represent her school and community at the Envision National Youth Leadership Forum: Law & CSI, in Washington DC. And she needs your help! See her appeal Marianna’s Appeal to You and contact her through production staff: Check out her page. And mention her name at local businesses Encore Chocolates and Personal Designs Florist to receive your Marianna discount while supporting her cause!

October 29, 2014 Our lead host Bernard Rodgers, a MOCHA member at RIT, is invited to participate on the Question Bridge at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center (ROCO) on Wednesday 10/29 at 7pm.

January 01, 2014 – First Annual Creative Writing Contest.  Put your best words forward.  See details on our home page. Contest run by managing editor Tianna Mañon. CONTEST CLOSED til next year.

December 9, 2013 – TALKBACK wins a producer’s award from RCTV15.  Our  EP “O” and the production staff, and specifically our Managing Editor Ms. Tianna Mañón and Teen Host for 2013 Ms. Jordanae’ Smith were recognized for their work and contribution to the community this year.

November 2013 – One Minute of BackTalk as part of our Terrible Two celebration. Do you have a one-minute rant you want to share with us about any topic you choose? Also, adults, do you have one minute you want to say to your teen self, looking back in hindsight? Contact us See our Join Us! page for details.

November 2013 Tweet Request. Tweet us topic suggestions for our Forum. See our Join Us! page for details.

August 2, 2013- Tianna Mañón, our Managing Editor, is chosen to be the Summer 2013 Representative of the Institute on Political Journalism. Check out the full transcript of her speech and a short excerpt of the beginning of her delivering it.

June 16, 2013- Ms. Jordanae’ Wins Yet Another Award! Akoma African American women’s gospel choir scholarship.  See pix below & on our Instagram.  Jordanae award

May 16, 2013- Veronica and Shantinique are All City Champs!!! Next stop: Sectionals.

April 28, 2013- Jordanae’ Smith ROCs The Runway  Our flagship Forum captain Jordanae’ puts her poise, fashion and beauty to the pavement in the annual ROC The Runway event.

April 13, 2013- Tianna Mañón wins Washington, D.C. internship at The Hill newspaper!!  Our Managing Editor and teen co-founder keeps moving up. Follow her journey to becoming a political journalist on her Tumblr.

March 13,2013- Veronica Arnone named Scholar Athlete for March by WHECTV!  Our Production Assistant speaks out.  Check out the video: Veronica on WHEC TV

January 01, 2013 – Internship Program rolled out.   If you are a teen  aged 13 to 20 in Rochester NY, you can receive school credit from your Junior High School, High School, College or University for your work with us.  If you are anywhere in the U.S. you may be able to receive school credit as a staff writer and collaborator via the internet.  Check out our Join Us! page under Internship Opportunities for details.

October 19, 2012 – Our feature in Democrat and Chronicle:  TV show offers outlet for teens

RCTV Awards

Jordanae award 2

Jordanae award

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