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Tatiana L.


TALKBACK4Teens is embarking upon advocating for teens.  Beginning with Clara’s letter to school districts, we will be promoting and advocating for the following issues which affect teens.  We will be adding to this list as the Forum topic list grows. 9am High School Start Times  -studies show that teens need later start times in order […]

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Poetry for 61.0 Depression

Let’s start the day over. With me Groping for a ghostly membrane from 1700 miles away Dancing with specters in my kitchen Romancing the walls. Wth you somewhere, anywhere, who cares? Because this empty glass could be full if I closed my eyes. I’m as safe as you’re far away as she keeps her distance, […]

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Teenage girl at computer with books sleeping

LET US SLEEP! Open Letter to School Districts

Hi, I’m a 2014 Irondequoit High School grad, and as a member of TALKBACK4Teens, I’m writing to urge you to consider adopting a 9 a.m. school start time. I’m not the person you would expect to be authoring this. I was never someone to complain that school was too early. I’m a morning person, and […]

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The Cooler Thing

The Cooler Thing by Clara Wagner: I’ve never smoked. I’ve never held a cigarette, or tasted tobacco, or spent major time in a house with smokers. In 5th grade my entire school went through the D.A.R.E. program; that just happened to be the single year I was homeschooled. I know a few kids who do […]

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The D.I.V.A.S. Promo

THE DIVAS speak directly to you!

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