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The Problem with Work: Struggling to Come up For Air

The Rochester City School District has struggled with an embarrassingly low graduation rate for years. Less than half of students who start high school graduate with the state-mandated Regents diploma on time. Many students over the four years will drop out, choosing to sell drugs or engage in other illicit activities. But this post isn’t […]

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How to Manage Your Money

By: Athena Manon With the New Year comes resolutions; stop smoking, lose weight, do better in school, save more, etc. However, without the necessary tools each of these resolutions will never get accomplished. Tools are what enable us to do better and succeed. Without them we are walking blind trying to accomplish our goals. Unfortunately, […]

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The Iconic “I Have a Dream Speech”

The Iconic “I Have a Dream Speech” This speech is a must-hear! At the link there is the text and audio. Please check it out.  Use it to motivate yourself to make this world better. It may be 50 years later, but these words continue to resonate today. 

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First Annual Writing Contest

Happy New Year! Here at Talkback4teens, we never stop thinking of new ways to add voices to the conversation. We recognize that not everyone wants to write articles or essays. That’s just not everyone’s thing! Some of your voices are more…creative, which is why we decided to create our first annual creative writing contest. Because […]

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Need-Based Crime Destroys the Family that Criminals Try to Help

1 in 28 American children have an incarcerated parent. This is a dramatic increase over 2 decades ago when this number was 1 in 125, according to a 2010 report from the Pew Charitable Trusts.  The study also found that parents of children under age 18 make up more than half of the incarcerated population. […]

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