TALKBACK4Teens is embarking upon advocating for teens.  Beginning with Clara’s letter to school districts, we will be promoting and advocating for the following issues which affect teens.  We will be adding to this list as the Forum topic list grows.

9am High School Start Times  -studies show that teens need later start times in order to get the sleep they need for optimal health and functioning. Their neurology is such that 9hours of sleep between 11pm and 8am is optimal and dictated by circadian rhythms turning melatonin on later than in adults and melatonin dissipation later in the am. You can’t and shouldn’t fight biology. And if you are a teen, you shouldn’t acquiesce to it being done to you. Fight your school until you get what you need. Join us! School districts all across the country should be feeling the pressure. Don’t take lame, self-serving excuses about bus schedules and logistics as acceptable. School districts in several states that have adopted later start times have reaped the benefits. Sleep in, show up at 9am, and put it to your student council and administration. Teens, learn to advocate for yourselves, and as he said in episode 54.0,”…stop settling for what they give you.”

Junior & Senior Year HS (semesters 6&7) After-Graduation Prep Class 

-along with greater freedom from campus: Independent Study, Parallel Enrollment (Jr College & College), Work Study, Internships, Mentorships, 3 Day School Week for Seniors

-class taught by Career Development personnel together with guidance counselors, semesters 6&7, one day per week, 30mins.

-to include identifying your interests, finding fields, careers, areas of study, & occupations matching those interests; finding the right college or training facility or company, college applications, scholarships, financing, networking, interviewing, résumes, job applications,etc.

-High Schools are doing a piss-poor job of it, but the pieces are there and they are improving; this class will be finally getting serious about after-graduation: which, after all, is what high school is and should be all about.

Your Life Matters Campaign

-messages from episodes on Depression, Parents, & other topics:

-Your feelings are valid so keep going

-Talk to someone and keep talking until you find the right person, a favorite teacher, parent or counselor, school psychologist, adult friend, hotline, mentor, parent; talk  to your parents and don’t take their silence, embarrassment or discomfort for an answer

-the whole world could do with being more aware in terms of where are you at and where are the people around you at?

-It’s going to get worse, but it’s going to get better so keep moving forward

-It’s going to get better but it’s going to get worse; it’ll get better again, so keep going.

-It’s bad today, and it may be hard tomorrow; but it was better last week and it’ll be better again.

-Reach out and keep reaching out until you find a help that works

-Be Louder

-we support groups & programs such as AFSP, Delphi Council, Youth Mental Health First Aid Training, “Empowering youth to shower kindness. Like Lucas has a vision of youth who look outside of themselves, look outside of wealth and power and popularity as goals and really see the world as how it is- full of hurting people. Even a small act of kindness can turn someone’s day around. It may even change their life. Life is and will always be brutiful. We just have to keep fighting for the beauty. Show someone that beauty- do a random act of kindness today. You have never really lived until you’ve done something for someone who can never repay you.”

Make Change Campaign: Promote Change Agency such as BiAnnual Gateway2Change Multi-School District Student Summit on Race, locally, statewide and nationwide along with screenings of documentary “I’m Not A Racist Am I?” Support the work of other organizations such as Western NY for Humanity, Metro Justice, Teen Empowerment, Gateway2Change, etc.

-Whatever we can do, or dream we can do–let us begin it.  —Goethe

-May we be ever more bold, in our living and our loving. –Goethe

Promote First Tobacco-Free Generation -the only product which routinely kills one-third of its users, and destroys the health of the rest
-teen smoking is down to 7% despite the rise in ecigs and teens have the chance to be the first tobacco-free generation…or its parent generation
-support the work of Reality Check & The Truth Initiative locally, statewide & nationally

Anti-Bully Campaign -before the next teen dies
-support CATS and other anti-bullying organizations locally, statewide, and nationally as well as distribute and support/promote screenings & discussions of documentary “Bully”, as well as promote

Anti Teens-Tried-as-Adults in criminal courts, and teens being treated as adults generally.

-few things are clearer than the neurological evidence about teen brains, specifically the judgment center not being fully myelinized nor fully interconnected until age 24. Support

Anti School to Prison Pipeline -support organizations, such as

    Teen Empowerment

, which work against this horrible system destroying the lives of teens and their families, as it does the health of our nation and erodes our freedom, including supporting Solutions Not Suspensions.

Healthy Eating -Promote nutritional knowledge particular to teens

Hebiatrics: Adolescent Medicine -Medical specialty between pediatrics and GP.  Teens need their own specialty which concentrates on their special needs rather than lumping them together with 6-year-olds or 70-year-olds.  England and America are now beginning to recognize this need.

Teen Cancer America -and UCLA’s Teen and Young Adult Cancer Center

Teenage Brain talks at schools nationally and giveaway of book The Teenage Brain (2015) by Jensen & Nutt. Know your brain and body by educating yourself on what’s going on. Teens are risk-taking, novelty-seeking, learning machines; use your strengths and know your caveats.

Anti-Alcohol – in 2015 this drug was second only to tobacco as the deadliest controlled substance, twice the effect of drugs including heroin.  It’s time to stop its unimpeded rampage through the lives of teens.

-as we heard in episode 62.0, alcohol shrinks the hippocampus, the center for learning in the brain

-teenagers can get fatty liver from binge drinking, leading to irreversible cirrhosis and to death.

-you will never know yourself if every time you’re nervous, scared, insecure, bored or lonely, or even excited, you reach for a drug in a bottle.

-alcohol impedes and impairs your already unfinished judgement center in the brain.

-Don’t let the alcohol industry & advertising industry adults play you.

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