Our Lives Matter 55.2

Second half of episode 55.0 Our Lives Matter with Teen Empowerment YOs. Guest Host Tianna Mañón, Editor-In-Chief of Open Mic Magazine talks with the Center for Teen Empowerment Youth Organizers along with Guest Adult Co-Host Shanterra Randle-Brown from Teen Empowerment. Join the discussion about Our Lives Matter, Solutions Not Suspensions, Police Dialogues with Youth, and the School to Prison Pipeline. What do YOU say about it? What has your experience been and how does it make you feel about it? Sponsored by people who care: Layer3 Technologies & The Fenlon Family

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We are a show and website dedicated to youth: the issues we face and the goals youth have accomplished. The show is all about their obstacles; how commonplace they are, and how other teens have overcome them. The counterpart site/Twitter/Facebook is all about uplifting youth. We offer a blog that will focus on one topic every week and offer advice through it. We also hope to soon incorporate youth work on it. We would love to showcase your work: your writings, art, and anything else you're proud of! Our twitter is all about motivating you; so that you end everyday the best possible you!


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