First 5

Quick overview of our episodes with clips & outtakes from the first five years!

Episode List

1.0 Bullying

2.0 Teen Violence (with Teen Empowerment)

3.0 Popularity “Fitting In”

4.0 Freshman Year

5.0 School

6.0 Teen Pregnancy (with Safe Sex Inc. & Teen Empowerment)

7.0 Gangs (with Teen Empowerment)

8.0 Parents

8.5 Overcoming Loss & Violence (Talk by Kaylin Cervini)

9.0 Teachers

10.0 Home Life “It All Starts At Home”

11.0 Social Media & Sexting (with Safe Sex Inc.)

11.5 Burn It Up (Talk by Kaylin Cervini with her original song Burn It Up)

12.0 Bullying Revisited

13.0 Younger Teens and PreTeens (with Beverly Moore as Guest Adult Co-Host)

14.0 Drugs (with Sentretta Baity as GAC)

15.0 School Security (with Bolgen Vargas as GAC)

16.0 Back2School & Youth News: Video Gamer Death in Taiwan/Teen Drinking/Clarissa Street Riot

17.0 Politics (with Teen Empowerment alums)

18.0 Parties & Youth News: Mulala

19.0 Sports (with Dawn Seablom as GAC)& Ask An Expert: Sports Trainer Jennifer Adams & Youth News: Black Ops II

20.0 Teen Sexuality & Teen Parenting (with Teen Empowerment & Jennifer Banister as GAC)

21.0 Food “What Are You Eating?” & Street Beat: What’s Your Favorite Food? & Youth News: Snapchat & Ask An Expert: Registered Dietician Colleen Surek

22.0 Race “Are We So Different?” “Do You Know Where Your Ancestors Have Been?” (with RMSC & Ken French as GAC) & Youth News: African Queen & Trayvon Martin Anniversary

23.0 Talent “What’s Your Talent?” & Street Beat: “Talented Teens” & Youth News: Ohio Rape Case

24.0 Gender ID “Are You In The Rainbow?” & Youth News: Code 4/20 & Street Beat: What’s Your Gender

25.0 Community Involvement “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!” & Mind Drive (Street Beat & Youth News only)

26.0 Big Fish (Youth News) & Summer Plans (Street Beat)  (YN & SB Only)

27.0 Gamers “Got Game?” (with Wilson Wildcats & Mike Kehoe as GAC) & Street Beat “Chess & Gaming” & Youth News: Celebrity Babies & Celebrity Deaths

28.0 Old Weed (Youth News only)

29.0 Good Year or Bad?  (Street Beat only)

30.0 LGBT &Q (with Gay Alliance & Dawn Balsis) & Youth News: Sparks Shooting

31.0 Knockout! (Youth News only)

32.0 Urban-Suburban (with RCSD Urban-Suburban & Jessica Lewis as GAC) & Youth News: Arapaho Shooting

33.0 Online Dating (on location at RIT) & Youth News: Sochi & Grammys

34.0 Teen Employment (with Teen Empowerment & Shanterra Randle as GAC) & Youth News: Stand Your Ground

35.0 Slam! (with AOR Shaq Payne) & Youth News: Age of Responsibility

36.0 Prominent Women (with Candice Baldwin) & Youth News: Teen Stowaway

37.0 MOCHA RIT (with Kevin McDonald)

38.0 Freshman Year College & Youth News: Jazz Fest

39.0 Summer STEM & PTech (Youth News only)

40.0 Ice Bucket Challenge (Youth News only)

41.0 Teen Improv (with STAGES of the Game & Julie Donofrio as GAC) & Youth News: Swan Attack

42.0 Alyssa on Mars (Youth News only)

43.0 Non-Violence (with MK Gandhi Institute) & Youth News: 40 Pound Girl

44.0 D.I.V.A.S. (with RIT DIVAS & mentors Shawanda Evans and Sharitta Gross-Smith)

45.0 Solutions Not Suspensions (with Teen Empowerment & Shawn Brown as GAC)

46.0 Relationships in High School (on location at IHS) & Youth News: Smoke21

47.0 Former Hosts (years 1, 2 & 3) & Youth News: Minimum Wage

48.0 Teen Writers (with Writers & Books & Sally Bittner Bonn as GAC, and Victor Voice newspaper staff) & Youth News: Slender Man

49.0 Teen Scientists & Youth News: The Watcher & Über Riots

50.0 Faith  (teens from Turkish Cultural Center, St Kateri Catholic Parish, Jewish Community Center & Jewish Federation, Church of Latter-Day Saints, Baptist Church, et alia)

51.0 Campus Mass Shootings (Youth News Journalists’ Roundtable only) (with Journalists Erica Bryant Democrat and Chronicle & Tianna Mañón Open Mic Magazine)

52.0 STEM Girls (with Edison Tech students and Francine Martella as GAC with guest host April Dumlao)

53.0 Teen Musicians (in production)

54.0 Teen Activists (projected) (with Metro Justice, SOAR, Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council YVOV, Teen Empowerment, Gateway2Change Student Summit participants, et alia, and Tremain Harris as GAC)

55.0 Our Lives Matter (with Teen Empowerment and Shanterra Randle as GAC, Guest Host Tianna Mañón from Open Mic Magazine)

56.0 Change Agents: I’m Not Racist Am I ? (projected) (with Student Summit on Race participants and Jeff Crane WICSD as GAC)

57.0 Gun Violence (with Rise Up Rochester, Healing the Hurt, Teen Empowerment &  with NYAGV’s Gary Pudup as GAC) (projected) & Ask An Expert with Gary Pudup, retired police  officer & NYAGV rep.

58.0 Summer Meals 4Teens Ask An Expert with Aaron Lattanzio, Summer Meals Program (AAE only)

59.0 Smoking (with truth initiative & Reality Check) (projected)(with Joseph Potter Reality Check as GAC) & Ask An Expert with Vincent Irving from truth Initiative/truth Campaign & Joe Potter from Reality Check/American Lung Assoc.) & Youth News: LGBT At Risk/Free College Debate

60.0 Sleep (with U of R) (projected) (on location Irondequoit Library Teen Center & cooperation of ICAT) & Ask An Expert with Heidi Connolly, Chief of Pediatric Sleep Medicine, Golisano Childrens Hospital, U of R)

61.0 Depression, Anxiety, Self Harm & Suicide (with AFSP) (projected)(with Delphi Drug & Alcohol Council, GAC Lindsay Snyder & Ask An Expert with Lindsay Snyder, Delphi Council)

62.0 Alcohol (with AA) (projected)(with Delphi Drug & Alcohol Council, GAC Kathy Steblen & Ask An Expert with Kathy Steblen, Delphi Council)

63.0 MLK’s UnHoly 3: Poverty, Racism, Violence (with Teen Empowerment) (with Guest Host Tianna Mañón, GAC Shawanda from TE)(projected)

64.0 Eating Disorders (projected) (with The Healing Connection)

65.0 Addiction (projected)

66.0 Vegan Teens (projected)

67.0 Paleo Teens (projected)

68.0 Campus Rape (with

69.0 Hunger (with

70.0 Poverty (projected)

71.0 Cancer (with UCLA Teen Cancer Center, with Univ of Roc)(projected)

72.0 Fathers (with Fatherhood Initiative) (projected)

73.0 Homelessness/Homeless Teens (projected)

74.0 Environmentalist Teens (projected)

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