Zimmerman Acquittal in the Trayvon Martin Trial

George ZimmermanHoodie-back
Trayvon Martin Trial and the Zimmerman Acquittal
opinion from the E.P.
It’s easy to see from where all the emotion comes in response to this case, the killing of a 17 year-old young black man, presumably for no more than walking through a white neighborhood at night in a hoodie.  Stalked, no less, by his overzealous neighborhood watch captain killer.  But the acquittal of Zimmerman on manslaughter charges, as so many are now realizing and saying, was the right decision given the provable facts.  The real travesty is why there is not a commensurate outcry and outrage over the fact of daily outright murder of young men across this country.  Usually young on young murder.  Overwhelmingly, black on black murder.Young men are dying every day in this country.  Isn’t it time we cared about it?  That could be the real legacy of Trayvon Martin.

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