Avoiding the Roommate from Hell

Everyone has read the stories about roommates from hell. Everyone also tends to think they won’t get that roommate. There is a reason there are so many stories about awful roommates: everyone gets one at least once during their college career.

And you may think your home free. It’s been seven weeks and you two still chat every night before going to bed. Maybe you’ve even progressed to the point of being friends.

Well, don’t let your guard down yet. This is when it goes downhill.

Now, you two are getting more comfortable with each other. She may assume that you are at the point where she can relax around you. Trust me, you don’t want that! She will start borrowing your things and saying, “You don’t mind, right?” You will find her mooching off of you “because we’re friends. I’ll totally pay you back next time.”

So, how do you keep her from doing that? Here are my three no-fail, easy-peasy ways to keep your roomie as saintly as possible:

1.)    Flip out randomly. The key to keeping a roommate from being a hellish one is to never let her feel relaxed enough around you to where she can act crazy. So, if you flip out randomly she never will relax around you.

2.)    Be shady. If you’re like that creepy girl whose corner of the room is always shadowy and colder than the rest of the room, she’ll most likely leave you alone. Also, don’t clean it up as frequently. Toss in a bad odor, and you’re guaranteed that she won’t take your stuff.

3.)    You be the roommate from hell. If you’re the bad roomie, she doesn’t get to be. Just make sure you’re bad enough to where she doesn’t just hate you and then plots her revenge.

However, as brilliant as these ideas are, and they’re pretty brilliant, none of them will actually work. They are the kind of solutions other frustrated roomies will tell you. You will only create more unnecessary drama for yourself.

My roomies and I found that it is best to just sit down and talk. Go past the roommate agreement and get to actually know one another. Learn who they are as individuals, and not as a roommate. A girl who laughs about how she loved to procrastinate in high school will probably stay up very late and may keep you up. And a girl, whose best memory of high school was starting a campaign to have a school-wide swear jar may be just a little too serious. Be careful of having your girlfriends over too late.

Don’t expect your roomie to become your best friend. If you do, you’re just setting yourself up to have all your nail polish used and your shirts stolen. Instead, find out who she is as an individual and figure out the best relationship for that. She may not make a great friend, but she may make a darn good study buddy.

Talkback: Ever fought with your roommate? Share your bad stories in the “comments” section!

Originally posted at Her Campus RIT, by Tianna Manon. 

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One Comment on “Avoiding the Roommate from Hell”

  1. October 13, 2012 at 3:47 am #

    This was helpful! I’m going through this right now -_-. Thank you for the advice!

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