fate:Kris Episode 3

Image“Nineteen year old, Elis Wheatly, was shot and killed yesterday morning when he and a large group of sneaker lovers congregated outside of Sneaks, an urban wear boutique awaiting the release of a new pair of $250 tennis shoe.”. I watch intently as RNN’s lead reporter relayed to the entire city of Rochester another death as if it were nothing more than a bullet point apart of long list.

“Kris, could you go get me some ice water?” my mom asks.

Leah and I get up and go to the ice machine room down the hall. Obviously, I didn’t have service in my mom’s room because when I walk into the ice machine room my phone started vibrating like crazy. I have 4 missed calls from my boss, Randy.

“OMG, I forgot I had to go to work!”
“Watchu mean?  Tom let us leave,” says Leah.
“No, at McDonald’s. my boss Randy called 4 times and left me a voicemail,” I say as I listen to her message. Leah leans in closer to hear the voice mail and asks, “What is she saying?”
I hang up the phone before Leah could notice Randy’s harsh tone. “I’m fired and that I should have called her if I wasn’t going to come.” I really can’t be mad at her I was scheduled to work at 3 o’clock; it’s now 6:54.

“Just take your mother’s doctor note to her and let her know you were at the hospital all day,” says Leah.


“I gotta go, my mom gone be home from work in 2 hours and I didn’t even attempt to clean the house this morning.”

“Alright, I will let you know what happens.”

“You better, Kris pleaaaaase call me if you need anything.”

“I will.”

“Alright, I will see you later.” says Leah and we hug goodbye.

Dang, I didn’t want to lose my job, but I also don’t want to go and beg for it back because I don’t want to tell Randy all my business. I fill my mom’s cup with ice and water, and as I make my way back to her room I leave a trail of water drops.

“ohhh I’m sorry,” I accidentally spilled some of the water on my mom’s once white covers. We had to grab extras out of the linen closet ourselves to make sure she was warm; they’re so thin.

“It’s all right baby,” she responds.

“Kris? Where is Leah?” my Dad asks.

“Oh, she had to go home.”

“Yeah, it’s about time for you to be heading that way too. Imma stay here with your mother. You can take my car and go home, I’m parked in lot B”, he says as he fishes for his keys in his jumpsuit pockets.

“Come back to get us about 8am”.

“I can’t stay?”

“No you got work in the morning,” my mom says.

Reluctantly I take his keys, give them each a kiss goodbye, and head for lot B.
My dad’s car is not hard to detect at all. I open the door and sit down so I could adjust the driver’s seat and then….I think.


I’m super close to his job + it’s super close to 7:30 (which is when he gets off of work)
= I’m going to go to see him.

I turn out off the hospitals parking lot without paying for parking because the machine is broke. The arm that is usually used to block cars from driving through is up. Allowing cars to drive through.

Now I’m off to Henrietta Wal-Mart to see him.

I haven’t talked to him all day. Truthfully I haven’t thought about him all day amongst all the chaos.
I pull into a random parking spot, hardly before I could even turn the car off I start to text him,”I’m outside”.
I have perfect timing, its 7:27. I turn up the music preparing for a long wait, but he appears in front of my dad’s passenger window with in no time.

“Heyyy…” I open the door.

He comes inside the car and sits down and reclines the chair slightly. He’s all too familiar with this process.

Luke’s 6’’2, dark brown, long eye lashes, conniving  smile, brushed cut, Edison basketball forward, and for the time being, mine.

“Watsup”, he asks.

I turn from him and I look through the front window up into the sky, ”nothing… how was your day?” Even though he doesn’t know me as well as I wish he does, he can see I’m lying.
So, I began with my morning and slowly unravel the story I just lived.

….silence. It almost scary, after hearing your own voice go up and down in emotions and when you stop talking you realize you were speaking but you weren’t being heard… and there is silence.
He’s silent and I wait.

At this point,”Man, your day sucked!” would have sufficed. I need him to say something, anything to let me know he was listening.

Finally he opens his mouth, “So your parents not home? ”.

I drop my head,”Are you serious?”

“What, what did I do?”

“Nothing.”I shake my head.

“I just miss you.” He moved closer to me and his hands found my waist.


“Watchu mean no? You did it before. ” His voice has changed completely.

No matter how I try to avoid it junior year always finds a way to torture me when he’s around. It wasn’t all bad; I got the best history teacher in the building that year, I witnessed our debate team win all 4 major debates, but that was also the year I lost my virginity.

I wasn’t supposed to be this girl. I started talking to Luke because… well, he started to me. I’m unsure how I ended up here, caring for someone who doesn’t care for me.

“Yep, I know. Ummm… I think I’m going through too much right now, Imma just go home.”

He looks at me out of the corner of his eyes, somehow I have become his enemy, and slowly he mutters, “Alright.”.

I get in my bed and I set my reliable, alarm.

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