fate:Kris Episode 2

“fate: Kris” is a fictional written series of episodes.   Episode 2

The hospital? I just saw him; he just dropped me off 30 minutes ago. What happened?

“What‘s wrong?” Leah asks.
“I gotta go, my Dad’s in the hospital!”


Leah follows close behind as I stormed away from the boxes of unorganized school supplies and made a beeline for Tom, asking questions that are either irrelevant or simply beyond my knowledge, “What happened?”, “Does your mom know?”, “How could he text you from the hospital, don’t you lose service in there?”.

I try to compose myself when I spotted Tom at the costumer service desk talking to Jessica, but I can’t. Luckily it was only 7 in the morning so the store was vacant of customers.
“Tom!” I can’t believe I’m interrupting his conversation.
He turned his head from Jessica to me, eyebrows raise, he seems just as shock by my approach as I was. “…my Dad’s in the hospital”.

His eyebrows arch even higher. “Oh my, what happened? Do you need a ride?”

I can’t speak; I really wasn’t expecting this response. It almost seems as if he cares.

“I’ll take her,” Leah volunteers.

“Great, I’m losing my only two workers I had to put up the back to school display. Its ok, Family comes first. Jessica, could you finish the display, as you can see I am a little short staff?”

“Uh…Yes,” answers Jessica. She knows ‘no’ was not an option.

“Umm… how do I leave?” I ask. I’d never left early before.

“Just go to the back and punch out like normal,” Tom says.


“Get to your father,” he urges.

“I will.”

Leah’s Grandmother gave Leah her an old Stick Shift Honda Accord as a gift for her 17th Birthday. My heart is fluttering as we hit the express way and obviously Leah is a little flustered as well because she’s doing twenty miles over the speed limit. I don’t know how long her poor car is going to last; she keeps putting it in the wrong shift. If my father didn’t have an accident I may be in serious jeopardy of one. “Leah, could you take it easy.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t drive well under pressure.”

What happened to him? I texted back but he didn’t respond, He may have lost service. I turn the radio up trying to preoccupy my mind. It’s on WDKx, as always. I can’t get through one song without thinking about him. I love my mother, but truthfully my Dad is all I have, I don’t know what will happen to me if…I can’t bear the thought. I can hear his gently voice ringing in my ears. How can I live without him?

Leah’s Honda jerks its way into Strong Hospital. ”Imma drop you off in the front so you can find him, I’ll park.”

“Thank you.”

Before my body meets the hospital doors my chin and hands began to tremble, my heart is beating out of my chest, and my eyes began to overflow. Oddly enough the lady at the front isn’t fazed by my uncontrollable hysterics. She seems sweet, her skin is chocolate, her eyes worn and heavy, lips full, and hair is weaved.

“What can I do for you?” she asks.

“David Rinalds…Do you have a David Rinalds here?”

Instantly she starts searching the database and looking deep into the computer screen. “I don’t have a David Rinalds but I do have a Karen, Karen Rinalds.”

“Karen? My mom!”

OMG, if I thought things were bad before, God only knows what kind of trouble my mother could have gotten herself into? Alcohol Poisoning? Did she slip and hit her head on the counter? Kidney Failure? Drunk Driving?

The lady at the front desk is preparing to have someone take me to my mother’s room but luckily Leah comes down the hall and sees me at the desk. Being that she is much more stable than I, she navigates our way through endless mazes of hallways and elevators.
Finally, we turn down a certain hallway on a certain floor and I see him. I would never run to anyone with arms open, yearning for an embrace, because I am too afraid of rejection, but when the possibility of death is on the table you throw up your cards and trash the rule book.

I hug him. Overwhelmed with my own emotions, I hardly notice the tears and the redness in my father’s eyes.
“What happened to her? Where is she?” I ask as I stare at him; waiting impatiently to read his every move.

He returns the challenge of my gaze and looks within my eyes and speaks “She called and said she was bleeding.”Although it seemed impossible his eyes well up with more tears. Never before had I notice the aged freckles around his eyes or the crescent shaped bags beneath them. My dad was old and this life was beginning to wear on him. “I got there and she was nearly covered in it….She was pregnant.”

My jaw completely drops. What? My mom is having a baby? Then it acquired to me my father said “was” not “is”.

“She had a miscarriage?” I ask.

He shakes his head yes.

All along I thought she was drunk out her mind but truthfully she was experiencing her child, my little brother’s or sister’s, life drift from her body.

“Where is she?”

He points to the room just in front of the chairs we’re sitting in.”She’s sleeping; the doctor’s had to get the rest of it out of her”.
When I got up to go into my mom’s room, I noticed Leah. Wow! I’d completely forgotten she was here. I don’t think she’s ever seen this side of me. Of course, she knows about my mom, she’s my best friend; she’d just never seen my true reaction to it all.

I walk into my mom’s room and open the floral curtain just enough for me to squeeze through. I stand there in that same spot for 20 minutes. I look at her. She’s been through so much. So often, I think of what her negative decisions did to me, but staring at her like this I see what they have done to her.

She opens her eyes. Usually I hesitate before approaching my mom, but I don’t this time.

I run to her bed side and hug her as tight as my arms would allow, “Mama I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”. I think the last time I cried in my mother’s bosom I was in diapers. We aren’t ourselves, the long list of aggravations and irritation we share for one another don’t exist in this moment; it’s as if Love has come down and embraced me.

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One Comment on “fate:Kris Episode 2”

  1. julian
    August 31, 2012 at 9:44 pm #

    this story is full of suspense and turns in different directions as well as some unexpected things an it makes this episode very interesting and moving at the same time

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