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MINIMUM WAGE: Youth News 47.0

YOUTH NEWS anchor Zoe Sullivan reports and “rants” on each story for the month 47.0. Stories include Wage Protest, Police Car Crashes Into Perp, and Lottery Hack. Talk about it ...


Solutions Not Suspensions

Episode 45.0 with the YOs from Teen Empowerment. Hosts Shantinique Cowans and Zoe Sullivan welcome Guest Adult Co-Host Shawn Brown and Youth Organizers from the Center for Teen Empowerment whose ...


Mar Appeal to You!

Production Intern Marianna Santos is nominated for Envisions Youth Leadership Forum for Law & CSI in Washington DC and she needs your help! Contact her through production staff: Participate@TalkBack4Teens.com



The D.I.V.A.S. Promo

THE DIVAS speak directly to you!

Book Recommendations from the Staff

Zoe: I recommend the book Neon Angel by Cherie Currie, published in ...

Starving Yourself to Achieve the Impossible Figure of Barbie

http://www.stepstorecovery.com/starving-yourself-to-achieve-the-impossible-figure-of-barbie/ Starving Yourself to Achieve the Impossible Figure of Barbie by guest ...

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Former Hosts 47.0

Forum 47.0 Host Zoe Sullivan talks with former TB hosts Tianna Mañón from Year One, Jordanaé Smith from Year Two, and Olivia Nkenge Harrison from Year Three. They talk about the teen years and high school. To join the conversation comment on the blog and Tweet us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, and check […]

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SMOKE21: Youth News 46.0

Anchor Zoe Sullivan delivers the top news stories for episode 46.0 and in lieu of a discussion, supplies a “rant” for each one. Stories include Smoking Age Debate, the local Abuse by Teens of a Special Needs Student, and the local Prostitution Case involving a 17-year-old. Join the discussion on the blog TALKBACK4Teens.com, Twitter & […]

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Solutions Not Suspensions 45.2

Concluding segment of episode 45.0 with the YOs from TE. Hosts Shantinique Cowans and Zoe Sullivan along with Guest Adult Co-Host Shawn Brown conclude the discussion with the Youth organizers from Center for Teen Empowerment. What’s your opinion? Join us on the blog.

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DIVAS 44.2

Part 2 of Forum for 44.0 with the 3 DIVAS. Hosts Bernard Rodgers, Destiney Williams, and Zoe Sullivan talk to DIVAS Melissa St. Prue, former second year TB host Jordanaé Smith and former third year TB host Olivia Harrison about their DIVAness.

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Forum 44.0 The D.I.V.A.S. Hosts Bernard Rodgers, Destiney Williams & new on-air intern Zoe Sullivan welcome The DIVAS from RIT including our former teen hosts Jordanaé Smith and Olivia Harrison, also Melissa St. Preux and Mentors Shawanda Evans and Sharitta Gross-Smith to talk about who they are and what they do and what it means […]

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