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SLENDER MAN: Youth News 48.0

Anchors Zoe Sullivan and Marianna Santos report and discuss the Youth news stories for the month, including Smoking Bribes, Slender man, and Gun Control for Police. What do you have ...


Teen Writers 48.0

Forum for 48.0 featuring Teen Writers from Writers & Books Canvas Literary Journal and Victor High School’s Victor Voice Newspaper. Host Zoë Sullivan is joined by Guest Adult Co-Host Sally ...


The Problem with Work: Struggling to Come up For Air

The Rochester City School District has struggled with an embarrassingly low graduation rate for years. Less than half of students who start high school graduate with the state-mandated Regents diploma ...



The D.I.V.A.S. Promo

THE DIVAS speak directly to you!

Mar Appeal to You!

Production Intern Marianna Santos is nominated for Envisions Youth Leadership Forum for ...

Book Recommendations from the Staff

Zoe: I recommend the book Neon Angel by Cherie Currie, published in ...

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The Watcher: Youth News 49.0

Anchor Zoe Sullivan reports and discusses the news for 49.0, including The Watcher, Escaped Cons, and Uber Riots. Sponsored by people who care: Layer3 Technologies & the Fenlon family

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Teen Scientists 49.2

Part Two of Forum for 49.0 with Teen Scientists Host Zoe Sullivan talks with high school teens who’ve interned at RIT in Imaging Science and Remote Sensing. What do YOU say?  Are you in the sciences?  Join the discussion on the blog, also tweet us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, see our pics on […]

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Teen Scientists 49.0

Forum 49.0 Host Zoë Sullivan talks with teens in the sciences ranging from Imaging Science to Computer Science to Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering. If you’re a sciencer, comment on the blog or tweet us, also check out Instagram & Tumblr & Pinterest. Sponsored by people who care: Layer3 Technologies & The Fenlon Family

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Second Half of Forum for 48.0 Teen Writers. Host Zoe Sullivan talks with writers from Writers & Books Canvas Literary Journal and Victor HS’ Victor Voice newspaper, along with Guest Adult Co-Host Sally Bittner Bonn from WAB, about their favorite authors and the dark side of writing. Join the discussion by commenting on the  blog for […]

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Relationships In High School 46.0

Forum 46.0  Host Zoe Sullivan talks with teens on location at IHS about Relationships in High School.

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