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ALYSSA ON MARS: Youth News 42.0

Anchor Bernard Rodgers and co-anchor Amber Stokes report and discuss the news for the month, including Jordan Davis/Michael Dunn Verdict, Raven Simone, Alyssa Carson on Mars, Kevin Hart Effect, Blackish. ...

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IMPROV 41.0 Forum

Hosts Bernard Rodgers and Shantinique Cowans are joined by teens from Teen Improv Troupe from STAGES of the Game, and by Guest Adult Co-Host Julie Donofrio, the troupe director.  They ...

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The Problem with Work: Struggling to Come up For Air

The Rochester City School District has struggled with an embarrassingly low graduation rate for years. Less than half of students who start high school graduate with the state-mandated Regents diploma ...


The Iconic “I Have a Dream Speech”

The Iconic “I Have a Dream Speech” This speech is a must-hear! ...
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First Annual Writing Contest

Happy New Year! Here at Talkback4teens, we never stop thinking of new ...

In the Belly of the Western Whale: Anniversary Message

“They say at the end of the world, some dang fool’s gonna ...

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Second half of Forum for episode 41.0 IMPROV & PERFORMANCE with Teen Improv Troupe from STAGES of the Game, consisting mainly of footage of their performance at the Fringe Festival at Writers & Books on 9/20/14.  Add your comments to the blog.

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SWAN ATTACK: Youth News for 41.0

Anchors Bernard Rodgers and Shantinique Cowans report and discuss the news for this episode, including the girls’ detention center breakout, the british swan attack, and the enterovirus outbreak in the States.  Join the discussion for these topics on the blog for this episode.

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ICE BUCKET: Youth News for 40.0

News Anchors Bernard Rodgers and Destiney Williams report and discuss the news for the month including Mike Brown, VMA, and the Ice Bucket Challenge.  JOIN THE DISCUSSION by commenting on the blog.  What do you have to say about it?

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Summer Stem & P-Tech Youth News 39.0

Anchor Jordanaé Smith reports the top stories for Youth News 39.0, from LeBron James to Summer Stem and P-Tech.  What do YOU say?  Join the discussion by commenting on the blog.

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Second Half of Forum 38.0 Host Bernard Rodgers hosts alumni roundtable on Freshman Year College with Jordanae’ Smith, Veronica Arnone and Tatiana Lovejoy.  All four have just finished their freshman year at various colleges.  They talk about their experiences with academics, roommates, social life, etc. and offer advice for new upcoming freshmen.  Join the discussion […]

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