First part of Forum for Slam! 35.1 topic Slam Poetry. Hosts Bernard Rodgers and new intern Destiney Williams talk slam with Rock Bottom Slam Team poet Shaq “AOR” Payne. Contains ...


The Problem with Work: Struggling to Come up For Air

The Rochester City School District has struggled with an embarrassingly low graduation rate for years. Less than half of students who start high school graduate with the state-mandated Regents diploma ...

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Youth Employment

First half of Youth Employment, the Forum with Youth News for 34.0 Hosts Olivia Harrison and Bernard Rodgers welcome Guest Adult Co-Host Shanterra Randle and the YOs, Youth Organizers, from ...


The Iconic “I Have a Dream Speech”

The Iconic “I Have a Dream Speech” This speech is a must-hear! ...
Credit: Michigan State University

First Annual Writing Contest

Happy New Year! Here at Talkback4teens, we never stop thinking of new ...

In the Belly of the Western Whale: Anniversary Message

“They say at the end of the world, some dang fool’s gonna ...

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Slam! 35.2

Second half of Forum on Slam Poetry Hosts Bernard Rodgers and Destiney Williams conclude the discussion with Architect Of Rhetoric from Rock Bottom Slam Team, followed by three performances you won’t want to miss. JOIN THE DISCUSSION FEED US BACK TALK BACK ON THE BLOG

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YOUTH NEWS for episode 35.0 Slam Anchors Bernard Rodgers and new intern Destiney Williams report and discuss the stories of the month, from a local story about the fate of East High hanging in the balance to the teen Rachel Canning suing her parents for support, to What is the age of responsibility? about a […]

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Youth Employment 34.2

Part two of Youth Employment Forum for 34.0 Hosts Bernard Rodgers and Olivia Harrison continue the discussion with the YO’s and Guest Adult Co-Host Shanterra Randle from Teen Empowerment.

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Stand Your Ground —Youth News for 34.0

Anchors Olivia Harrison, Tymoni Correa-Buntley and Bernard Rodgers report and discuss the stories for the month. Stand Your Ground, Jordan Davis, Michael Dunn, SOOP, Healthy Schools.

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Online Dating part two

Second half of Forum for 33.0 Hosts Bernard Rodgers and Olivia Harrison discuss online dating experiences with Celine and Nancy on location at RIT. OKCupid vs Match. Do you have experiences, advice or comments you can share? Is there a temptation to be someone you’re not really?

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