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NON-VIOLENCE: Forum 43.0

Hosts Bernard Rodgers, Shantinique Cowans and Destiney Williams welcome interns from the Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence, Malik Thompson and Hoody Miller, and a Brighton High School student Sarita who founded ...


40 Pound Girl: Youth News 43.0

Anchors Bernard Rodgers, Shantinique Cowans and Destiney Williams report and discuss the news stories for the month, including Mohammed Islam teen millionaire, Tamir Rice Shooting, Anderson Indiana Abused Teen, and ...

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The Problem with Work: Struggling to Come up For Air

The Rochester City School District has struggled with an embarrassingly low graduation rate for years. Less than half of students who start high school graduate with the state-mandated Regents diploma ...



Starving Yourself to Achieve the Impossible Figure of Barbie

http://www.stepstorecovery.com/starving-yourself-to-achieve-the-impossible-figure-of-barbie/ Starving Yourself to Achieve the Impossible Figure of Barbie by guest ...

Touch and Go, and Go Again

WE’ve crossed the four year mark for TALKBACK now into our fifth, ...

The Iconic “I Have a Dream Speech”

The Iconic “I Have a Dream Speech” This speech is a must-hear! ...

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Book Recommendations from the Staff

Zoe: I recommend the book Neon Angel by Cherie Currie, published in august 23rd, 1989. This book was written by the lead singer of the band The Runaways, who was only 15 years old at the time. At this age she and her bandmates were heavily involved with drugs and alcohol, not to mention a […]

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43.0 guests Saritha, Malik, Hootie, host Destiney

43.2 Non-Violence

Second half of the discussion on Non-Violence with interns from the MK Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence, Hoody and Malik, and HS junior Sarita who founded the non-violence club at her school. Hosts Bernard, Shantinique and Destiney discuss what non-violence looks like in school, on the street, at home. Join the discussion by commenting on the […]

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42.0 Inst 2

ALYSSA ON MARS: Youth News 42.0

Anchor Bernard Rodgers and co-anchor Amber Stokes report and discuss the news for the month, including Jordan Davis/Michael Dunn Verdict, Raven Simone, Alyssa Carson on Mars, Kevin Hart Effect, Blackish. Comment and join the discussion

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41.0 Instagram 2


Second half of Forum for episode 41.0 IMPROV & PERFORMANCE with Teen Improv Troupe from STAGES of the Game, consisting mainly of footage of their performance at the Fringe Festival at Writers & Books on 9/20/14.  Add your comments to the blog.

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IMPROV: Forum 41.0

Hosts Bernard Rodgers and Shantinique Cowans are joined by teens from Teen Improv Troupe from STAGES of the Game, and by Guest Adult Co-Host Julie Donofrio, the troupe director.  They talk about what it’s like to perform onstage and to perform improv specifically…and what performing has done for them.  Do you perform in theatre or […]

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